Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today my mom and I went to Santa Cruz to get her dreads fixed. When we finally got to the area we needed to be at, we had about a half hour before we had to go to the hair salon. So we parked the car in a parking lot and went to see what we could do. When we got out of the car we found a small playground that had two cool teeter totters, a big merry go round, and two spin things. We also found a skate park.

While we were over there we decided to walk along some rail road tracks! It was fun and we saw these nice apartment buildings. While we walked along the railroad tracks we decided to walk along the beach while we waited. My mom said we should get off the tracks and walk on the path, I thought it was fun so I said I would stay on for a while. Right when I said that, we heard the train coming! I jumped off as fast as I could and we walked on the path the rest of the way.

Once we got to the beach we started walking to the waves, but my mom wanted to take pictures of our feet together! It was fun, but I wanted to go down and get my feet wet. My mom was standing there putting the picture online! I was very impatient so I ran back pleading her to come by the waves. As we walked my mom checked the time and it was time to go! I was exited that we were gonna look at her dreads but I wanted to go by the waves.

We headed over to the hair salon. I sat down with my mom's purse while the lady checked my mom's dreads! After a while all the lady was saying was that my mom should take out her dreads out and come back to have her redo them. I thought that it would be cool to watch so I am going to come with her in a few weeks!

After the appointment we decided to spend the rest of the time (we thought we would be in the hair salon more than 15 minutes!) having fun. So my mom brought me to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! We bought 5 tickets thinking we would go on the Giant Dipper! We were going to think of my Grandpa John and how he would laugh ad laugh when he went on it! We headed over but while we walking I got a little nervous (nervous and scared are two different things NERVOUS is only a little bit but SCARED is massive.) I decided I wanted to look at the other rides first. So we walked around and found the hang gliders! I wanted to face my fear and go on the Giant Dipper but I was so NERVOUS I didn't want to at the same time. I finally said we should try the Dipper. We walked over, gave the lady our tickets and went in. While we were in line I got nervous again and wanted to leave. I felt so bad that I was too chicken but I really couldn't do it. We walked out and asked for our tickets back the lady told us we had to wait for someone else who was giving tickets. Someone finally went in and we got our tickets. We headed over to the hang gliders. They were really fun and my mom was so SCARED when we went the highest it went, she made me laugh!

When we got done with the ride we headed to Riva on the wharf. We walked along the beach to get there! It was fun we walked where the water would come in and get our feet. Once we got to the wharf we wanted to walk underneath until we got to the stairs. While we were under there we saw a lady reading. I think that would be a nice peaceful place to read. Until we kept walking and saw that people lived under there. It was kinda scary to me so we ran to the stairs. When we got to Riva we both sat down and ordered the side of pasta. My mom got the tomato sauce and I got the cream sauce! We also got fried zucchini sticks. After, we got ice cream (or what ever it is called.) We wanted to walk down and see the sea lions. But we didn't have time because we had to get my dad's lap top before we got my siblings.

We decided we had a little time after we ate so we went to Book Store Santa Cruz! It was very hot inside and it made both my mom and I feel sick. But we did both find fun books that will keep us busy for a while! She got a book called "One-Yard Wonders" by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins. I got a book called "How to be an Explorer of the World" by Keri Smith. We both love our books. We wanted to get out of that store and get on the road.

On our way to the parking garage my mom saw a store that had two sides, one side it had socks!! On the other side there wa shoes! We went to look at the shoes and found these cool but weird shoes. They had toes! It was crazy but I thought they might be comfy! So we asked a lady that worked there if she could get my mom and I some to try on. When she brought them out we sat down and tried them on. They were very difficult to put on because of the toe holes. I got one side on and gave up. My mom put them both on, they were cute! While we were looking around more, I found TOMS!!!!! I was so exited I wanted to get them so bad. I tried persuading my mom to get them. But she said no.

On our way to our car I realized my birthday is only in two months!! I had to call my dad, he would be the one to know if i could get them! When I called my dad he said I might get them! I was so exited. While we were driving to Emeryville to get my dad's lap top fixed I was looking at my new book. After a while I fell asleep. When I woke up we were there!. We walked into the store and it was crazy. My mom had to go to the back to wait for the lap top. While I waited I went on an ipad. After That got boring I went on the computer and made this really cool website outline!

Well that was my amazing day in Santa Cruz!
Brooklyn Joelle

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